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CoolToes™ Technology

CoolToes™ is a group of breakthrough technologies that allow doctors to safely and effectively improve the cosmetic issues related to common nail disorders. Thickened nails, detached nails, crumbling nails, curling nails, splitting nails and discolored nails can have numerous causes ranging from infections to environmental causes to accidents such as dropping objects on one's foot.
Our technologies get at the root cause of these unsightly situations and facilitate getting the nail re-growing quickly to its original healthy condition.

Find out how your practice can benefit from this technology

T Moxi NK Non-native Keratin remover addresses thickened nails and can remove nail plaque in minutes. This plaque contains spores that re-emerge over time to re-infect the nail after the infection is treated, thwarting common fungicides. Chemically removing this plaque before treatment assures success.

Neomycosin™ is a “superfungicide” designed to kill combination fungal infections as well as infections that also have bacterial complications. This broad spectrum biocide also keeps aggressive fungus from “flashing” or interfering with the healing process. It is designed to be used with the Nailskins™ Elastomeric Bandage.

T Moxi DF Debriding Flush solution solves an age old problem. Irrigating under the nail with this formula using our proprietary device removes dead tissue that can prevent nails from regrowing or reattaching to the nailbed.

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