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The CoolToes™ Treatments

What is CoolToes™ Technology?

CoolToes™ corrects the cosmetic issues related to common nail disorders. CoolToes™ Technology is a treatment delivered only under the supervision of a trained and licensed doctor.

Dhart Development Corporation’s researchers discovered three important obstacles to having healthy normal looking nails. As a result there are three CoolToes™ Formulations for:

Thickened Nails (from onychomycosis)
The first discovery was why nails became thickened and as a result were difficult to treat as fungal infections. To treat this condition the physician utilizes the T Moxi NK formulation to remove all non-native keratin from under the nail.

The T Moxi NK safely dissolves all non-native keratin buildup giving access to the original nail plate undersurface. This immediately improves the cosmetic appearance after only one treatment (in most cases) and leaves the nail ready for treatment of the fungal infection or treatment for re-attachment of the nail plate to the nail bed, if needed.

Crumbling Nails (from onychomycosis)
The second breakthrough discovery was how to access the fungus that caused crumbling nails. To treat this condition the physician utilizes the T Moxi NK formulation to remove all non-native keratin from the forward edge of the nail. The physician then utilizes the Dhart mechanical debriding device along with the Dhart’s Neomycosin™ broad spectrum fungicide to eradicate any fungus infecting the nail.

After the initial treatment the patient is given a syringe of the Original Neomycosin™ formulation and sufficient Nailskins™ for daily application at home. The patient returns bi-weekly until the condition has obviously reversed.

Delaminated Nails (onycholysis from different causes)
The third breakthrough discovery was why nails would delaminate and not reattach. To treat this condition the physician utilizes the T Moxi DF formulation along with Dhart’s proprietary hydraulic debriding device.

The patient is treated weekly by the doctor until nail re-growth begins. When it is clear that the nail is reattaching to the nail bed, the patient will check in monthly until the nail has returned to normal.

If you are a doctor who would like to explore bringing this safe and effective technology into your practice, click here.

If you manage a clinic and would like to be able to treat some of the 70 million people in the US who have nail deformities, click here.

If you are a medical assistant who would like to train in this exciting and lucrative field, click here.


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