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July 12 2009 Nailskins™ Wins Prize
INNOVATION: Toe treatment inventor grabs prize

By the North County Times | Sunday, July 12, 2009 12:08 AM PDT
" CARMEL VALLEY ---- Inventor David Horrigan took home a $500 prize and some publicity as the winner of the 2009 San Diego Inventors Forum contest. Horrigan won for his CoolToes treatment for toenail disorders, including fungal infections and discolored nails. The Olivenhain resident said he also made valuable contacts through the contest, including introductions to dermatologists. Horrigan wants to expand the CoolToes treatment to fingernails. More information is at www.cooltoes.com. The contest was held Thursday night at the Carmel Valley office of Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP. The inventors forum can be reached at www.sdinventors.org or 760-591-9608."

July 10 2009 New Neomycosin™ Fungicide ships to CoolToes™ certified doctors.
New Neomycosin™ kills more different species of fungus and bacteria than other topical fungicides. Neomycosin™ Fungicide replaces Dhart’s previous fungicide, T Moxi FC. The patent pending Neomycosin™ contains Miconozole Nitrate, Tolnaftate and Benzalchonium Chloride as active ingredients in OTC dosages. The combined effect not only kills more different species of pathogen but the combination keeps aggressive pathogens from flashing (or depositing new plaque) in the cavity before the nail has a chance to re-grow significantly. This dramatically improves results. There is an additional change in procedure where now the subject is treated for five continuous days using Neomycosin™ with the Nailskin™ elastomeric bandage. The new fungicide comes in packages of 2-5cc syringes. Each syringe treats one large nail or two small ones at 5 treatments each. This is the most impressive topical fungicide we have ever seen.

July 01 2009 Improved T Moxi NK non-native keratin remover ships to Cool-Toes™ certified doctors.
T Moxi NK (Non-native Keratin remover) has been improved with the addition of a new solvent that dissolves more types of plaque: The new solvent dissolves or softens the waxy plaque from 3 athletes foot class fungus. The T Moxi NK now dissolves plaque from eleven different nail-infecting pathogens. It comes in packages of 1-5cc syringe. Each syringe treats five large nails or ten small ones at 1 treatment each using the Nailskins™ elastomeric bandage. More if just a drop is needed.

May 10 2009 New Product FungusFree™ Ships
FungusFree™ - Combats stubborn cases and Infection Reoccurrence: While debugging two particularly stubborn cases one of our researchers took swabs of the toe-box of their shoes. The results were astonishing! The shoes were thoroughly contaminated with an abundance of aggressive pathogens. Our technicians formulated a powerful sanitizing solution and the results were equally impressive. With patents filed we can now present to you FungusFree™ shoe sanitizer to be sprayed into the toe-box of patients shoes. Patients feet respond immediately. MSRP $18.98

May 10 2008 Dhart presents at first podiatry conference. Podiatry Institute annual San Diego Program

March 15 2008 Dhart licenses first podiatrists and starts pilot program for delivery logistics

Nov. 08 2007 First published case report using the CoolToes" system appears in medical journal Explore, the Journal of Science and Healing

Mar 08 2007 Dhart selected to present at Tech Coast Angels QuickPitch venture raising event and attracted some attention from medical investors.

Mar 18 2007 Dhart Development Corporation licenses Horrigan Corporation’s remote diagnosis business method technology as part of its right of first refusal of Horrigan Corporation’s medical-related technologies. Dhart Development will use this technology as part of its CoolToes™ delivery system and T Moxi™ distribution methodology. The technology will be known as the ProDiagnose™ System.

April 16 2006 Dhart Development Corp signs licensing deal with Horrigan Corp. assigning Dhart exclusive rights to market Horrigan Corporation's CoolToes™ technology. CoolToes™ technology is a proprietary delivery system for the correction of cosmetic nail issues associated nail disorders that deform, discolor or degrade nails. Case studies demonstrate that CoolToes™ Technology is remarkably effective at rejuvenating nail appearance issues resulting from onychomycosis, nail dermatitis, impact or aging. CoolToes™ is a mature technology that includes methods, devices and formulations for the specific treatments of delaminated, discolored, thickened or crumbling nails


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